Welcome Affiliates! 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Ingling Partners Program.

Each affiliate will have an individual percentage ranging between 30% and 50% of the final sale on the course. 


Step 1 ---- review the packages I offer.

Step 2 ---- decide on a package, or suggest a different, personalized package.

Step 3 ---- send me an email: contact@ingling.es with the package you want.


More steps to follow if you're interested!



More information:


Everything is done for you!

I write all of the blog posts, e-mails, and social media posts!

I make all the graphics!

All you have to do is post, and recieve the income!


E-mails include a series of 1-3 e-mails (pre-written by me), these e-mails include links to my sales page and/or to the lead page for the course. 

Blog posts include 1-3 PRE-WRITTEN blog posts, including sharing and posting on social media. Blog posts will include links to the sales page and/or to the lead page for the course. 

Webinars include 1-3 jointly hosted webinars. Depending on our final agreement! They would include a sales pitch to the audience, and a button with a link to the sales page.



...so why are the percentage rates a window and not an exact number??


The percentage rates vary based on a number of other factors. We agree upon the final percentage rate if you're interested. contact@ingling.es.


More information about my course:

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The Outline:

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