10 Tools You Need to Have Perfect English Grammar


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A ten hour English grammar class.


Can you think of a worse torture? (ingling dictionary)


I can't.


Basically, grammar is my worst enemy.


But not only because it's boring...also because it's not the best way to learn a language.


I studied French for about six years in school. But when I went to France, at 18 years old, I couldn't say anything!


How is this possible? I thought.


Well...it turns out just learning grammar in school isn't enough to learn to speak a foreign language.


So how can you REALLY learn English grammar? Well I've made a list of the best tools to help you! Some of them are traditional tools, and others offer a better way of learning English grammar, through having fun and living life!


10 tools you need to have perfect English grammar.


1. Dave's ESL cafe


This website is awesome! I just had to say that. There are literally hundreds of grammar lessons.


I often show my students this website because it is such a well-organized and complete website for grammar.


If you're interested in a specific lesson, you can check for it here:


The only downside (ingling dictionary) to this website is that you don't have a teacher telling you exactly what to learn next. But luckily #2 fixes this problem.


A course is important because it organizes your grammar lessons. You have, in order, everything you'll need to study.


Plus you have access to a teacher, and other students.


This option is A LOT better than just searching for information online, because it leads you on a journey (ingling dictionary).


You will learn the important grammar for everyday use, and you'll do it with the support of other students and the teacher.


Generally, I recommend this course to my students...

Check out the curriculum and see if this is the right level for you!


3. EF English Grammar


This website is a great option for those who want to learn the grammar of writing in English.


It has many options such as: nouns, adjectives, and punctuation.


There are lessons on each topic, and of course you can take a test to see how well you know English grammar.


This website should help you answer any questions you have about English grammar.


4. Grammar books.


Now there are three books in this category that I TOTALLY recommend.


I use these books A LOT.


And I used the almost every single day in University.


I introduce you to the queen of English grammar. Her book is a MUST for anyone using or learning English grammar.


Now, this is not a book that teaches grammar to ESL (ingling dictionary) students. It is a grammar reference book. Meaning it gives you explanations.


However there is a special section for English learners, and the difficulties they face.


Also this book is great for anyone writing in English in University.


This book is also for people who are learning to write in English.


It will help you learn to write with very few mistakes.


It is a book that encourages (ingling dictionary) simplicity.


I really love this book for English learners for two reasons.


The first reason is the section "Words and Expressions Commonly Misused." This section is great to learn the CORRECT way to say various phrases.


The second reason I love this book for English learners is because it encourages simple writing.


Many times, my advanced English learners, try to write at a high level in English. They do this to prove that they know a lot of English.


That's fine, but often those student confuse themselves and write terribly in English.


This book helps youo return to simplicity and not make as many mistakes.


Welcome to the best book ever.


I never used this book in school...because I didn't need to.


But I did use it's brother book 501 French Verbs. And it was the BEST book ever! It has 501 of the most commonly used verbs in English, and how to conjugate them with the most commonly used verb tenses!


It is like a dictionary for verbs!


The perfect book for English grammar learners.


5. English Grammar Games


Yay! The fun part!


Luckily the internet is a BIG place.


There are people making and posting new things every day. And every day there are new games to practice English grammar.


There are hundreds of them.


Try searching "Games to practice English grammar" on Google and you'll see millions of results!!!


Just choose a game related to the topic you are learning, and get started having fun.


This is relaxing and will help you learn English grammar in an easy and fun way!


See? I told you grammar doesn't have to be evil.


6. Grammar Worksheets and Quizes


Along with the thousands of games for English grammar, there are worksheets, exercises, and quizes.


Does your head hurt yet?


Well don't worry.


You can find fun and non-threatening worksheets all over!


Have you ever been to Pinterest.com?


It's this amazing website that you can find almost anything on. But specifically it has hundreds or even thousands of English worksheets, often for free.


Try searching on Pinterest.com


"English grammar worksheets"


Of course you can always look on Google...but see what you can find!


Of course the same is true for English grammar quizes. There are lots and lots of them online, and all you have to do is search.


Quizes are geat because you can see how well you know English and figure out what to study.


Of course an online course is designed to walk with you as you study. It gives you a plan. And all you have to do is follow it. Check out this awesome course for learning English grammar.


7. www.reddit.com/r/grammar


This tool is great for checking your grammar.


Imagine you don't know how to spell a word, or perhaps you're not sure you wrote this sentence correctly.


Just post something on this subreddit and within hours someone will respond to your question.


Wow! Thanks internet!

8. Read Books....ANY Books!

To learn English grammar the easy way....read books!


You will learn a lot about grammar without realizing it!


Check out this post I wrote on how to find books and read in English. 


9. Listen to Podcasts 

Try looking for podcasts specifically for English grammar.


There are hundreds of amazing podcasts you can use!


If you know a lot of English already...listen to any podcast and you'll learn a lot about grammar in everyday life. 


10. Watch YouTube Channels for English Grammar

This might seem obvious to you.


But the results can be amazing!


Try searching English Grammar lessons on YouTube and see what you can find!!!


Grammar doesn't have to be the hardest thing in the world.


It doesn't even have to be torture.


Just make sure you have the right tools in your life, and grammar will become easier!


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Happy Learning!