30 Awesome Christmas Gifts to Make English Learners Happy


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Are you ready to be the hero of Christmas?

Okay maybe not exactly…

But you CAN help someone who is learning English.

These 30 ideas will help you find a gift that makes a difference in their English learning.

These ideas range from about 5$ to much, much more.

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30 Awesome Christmas Gifts to Make English Learners Happy

  1. Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are seen every day, and if they say something in English, you will learn without realizing that you’re learning. Although this is a small gift, every bit helps (ingling dictionary).

  1. Apps to Learn English

There are some free apps, and some paid. Duolingo for example is a free app, and one of the most popular for language learning. The only negative is that it is not an app only for English. ABA is not free, but is only for English learners, and comes with a lot of video content and tutorials.

  1. Note Pad in English

You will want to get a note pad that has words or phrases on every page in English, like this one: Inspirational Sticky Notes That way every time you take a paper, you have the opportunity to learn something new.

  1. Posters in English

A poster can be for grammar reference or simply inspirational. For example, this poster of the 12 verb tenses in English, is for grammar reference. Get a free copy by entering in your e-mail in the box below.

  1. Notebook for English Class

A notebook with a quote or phrase in English on the front cover is best. You can also find one that has quotes on every page as an added bonus. That way, every time they go to a new page, they will have another opportunity to learn something new!

  1. An Agenda in English

An agenda serves two purposes, to learn English, and to organize your life. This agenda, Planner with quotes,is in English and has quotes or phrases on various pages. This way you learn not only the days of the week, and the months, but also some common phrases in English.

  1. A World Map in English

This gift is good for those who also like to travel. This way they can put a pin in every country they visit, learning the names as they go. As an alternative, you can buy them a scratch world map, to reveal the countries they have been to on the map.

  1. Music in English

You can buy them CDs or a gift card to iTunes. If you know the person well, you can buy a CD from their favorite genre of music. This can be a very personal gift. However, if you prefer that the person choose their own music you can buy them an iTunes gift card. Be sure that the person has an iPhone or an iPod, otherwise the gift card might not work for them. As an added bonus to make the gift more personal, print out the lyrics to the songs. Either you or the giftee (ingling dictionary), can look up the meaning of the words.

  1. Book of Jokes in English

This gift is great for shy people. Speaking with native speakers is intimidating. Even more so if you don’t speak a lot of English. It’s often terrifying to speak. But if you have some funny joke prepared, it will be easier to enter into the conversation. You will have something prepared to say, and this can help you feel more connected to people who speak English.

  1. A Calendar in English

You can buy any type of calendar in English, but I recommend that you buy a Daily calendar with quotes on each day. That way every day is a new opportunity to learn something in English.

  1. Grammar books in English

Although grammar is  very boring, it is unfortunately quite useful. This book, A Writer's Reference,is one of the best in terms of grammar. It has many useful insights into written grammar, and even has an entire section for English learners.

  1. Books in English

A book will help you learn English grammar without realizing that you are. You can also do it on an adventure with characters that you love. Check out the three types of books I recommend in this post.

  1. Comic books in English

This goes along with the previous item, but deserves its own category because comics are very useful. At the same time as reading words, you are also seeing pictures. This is true while watching TV or movies, but with comics you can go at your own speed learning as you go.

  1. A Book of Recipes in English

This will introduce a lot of useful and new vocabulary in English. At the same time, you will learn how to cook new dishes from the country of choice. It is great for those who like to cook, and offers not only culture but English learning opportunities.

  1. House wares in English

This category has unlimited ideas. You could buy pillows, curtains, tools, throw pillows, blankets, clothes, pictures, or even kitchen wares. The only requirement? That it says something in English! Some phrase, saying, or quote!

  1. Audio Books in English

An audio book can really increase your English. Plus, you can listen to audio books in a great variety of situations: on Sunday while cleaning the house, doing crafts in the afternoon, in the car, or on the subway, even while taking a bath. The only thing, is you must know their English level. If you buy an audio book that is too hard, they won’t understand anything.

  1. A magazine subscription

The idea here is to learn English, your way. Which is the slogan of this website. You want to learn English based off of your interests. This makes English more enjoyable and relevant to your life. This magazine subscription doesn’t have to be to the “Wall Street Journal.” It can be related to any of your interests, like fashion, wine, or travel! Whatever they like best!

  1. A newspaper subscription

Here you could get a newspaper from any English speaking city or country. Anywhere they would like to go, or that you have been to.

  1. An online course in English

You can check out the website Udemy.com and see all the courses they have available. For students with a low level of English, try English language courses. For students with a higher level, try courses that combine their interests with learning English!

  1. An in-person English course

For this option you need to look at English academies in his or her area. Remember that often governments, libraries, and universities offer language courses for a good price!

  1. A subscription to Netflix of Hulu

My boyfriend has learned a lot of English just by watching his favorite shows on Netflix. We watch the shows in English, with subtitles in Spanish, his native language. The great thing about Netflix is that you can change the audio or the subtitles to many different languages. Plus you will be learning a lot of useful, daily language and slang.

  1. A computer program to learn English

Here my recommendation is Rosetta Stone English (American) - Level 1. Rosetta stone is an incredible product. You have access to speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The natural flow of the course means that you learn in a very organic way. You start with the basics of home life, just as you did when you were learning your first language. Plus there are a lot of visuals and a tutor function to speak with a live native!

23. His/Her favorite movie in English

The perfect combination if they like movies. They can enjoy their favorite movie and learn English.

24. A video game in English

Video games require quick action. If the commands and the communication are in English, English will become an impulse. This helps him/her to express themselves more like a native speaker. Another option is to give them a subscription to a video game website such as League of Legends. The communication between the international players is in English. Which will help him/her to improve their English.

25. A TV series in English

Same as the movie and the video game, this is a great option for learning and improving English. I suggest that you start with the audio in English, and the subtitles in your native language, to eventually watching the series in English without subtitles.

26. A tour of his/her city in English

Although he or she already knows their city, this will offer them a fresh perspective! Also it is an unforgettable experience to learn English and meet new people!

27. Dance, cooking, or other classes in English

What does he or she love to do? Turn that into an opportunity to learn English! These are life experiences and they will learn something new while learning English.

28. A private tutor

This option is on the expensive end, but still quite attainable. This is great whether they just want to practice conversation, or whether they need to study for an English exam.

29. A weekend trip

If you are willing to spend the money, a weekend trip to your nearest English-speaking country can be an unforgettable experience. If you don’t live near an English-speaking country, don’t fear! You can go to a lot of different countries and speak English to get around!

30. An exchange program

Ok I realize that this gift is HUGE! But if you can find the right one, and are willing to pay….this is literally the BEST gift you can give someone who wants to learn English.

Thank you so much for reading!

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