A Ranking of the Best Ways to Really Learn English Speaking


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Learning English Speaking is like pushing a really big rock up a hill.

But what if I told you....you could break the rock. And push one small piece at a time...until the whole rock was at the top!

English speaking is hard.

Some might say: "Hard as a rock" (ingling dictionary).

So how can you make it easier? By learning the RIGHT way.

What does that mean?

Well...it means learning the best ways possible.

That's way we have made:

 A ranking of the best ways to really learn English speaking.

#1 Live in an English-Speaking Country

Ok so you've probably heard this before...to really learn English you have to live with native speakers.

Now, most people in school learn grammar "to be, was/were, been" and that's awesome! Super important!

But living the language is what truly makes you a good speaker.

If you're young, free, and willing to travel this option is for you.

You will learn everything you need to know about daily life, living with an English-speaking host family and working or going to school in an English speaking country.

You will be immersed! You will wake up in the morning and say "good morning" "how did you sleep?" and you will have to respond.

"good morning"

"I slept well, and you?"

And so on (ingling dictionary).

Not everyone has enough money to do this.

Or maybe they have children, and a good job in their home country and don't want to leave.

Ok. Don't worry.

I understand that not everyone can live in an English-speaking country. So I have some suggestions below that you can choose.

#2 Have a Native Speaker Live With You

There are a few options available here:

An au pair, if you have children this is a good option. This can be a girl or boy from an english-speaking country, generally young, and willing to speak english with the family all day, every day (ingling dictionary) for food and a bed.

A roommate, if you have an extra room in your house you can offer it to an English speaker. You could make a deal, to speak in English, in exchange (ingling dictionary) for free rent. You could even schedule a formal class every day. Or maybe you just seek out English speakers, and make small talk (ingling dictionary) in the kitchen or the common areas in English.

If you speak English every day and learn a little bit at a time...you will learn English speaking really well.

#3 Have Class With a Native Speaker


You can pay someone or offer a language exchange.

If you want to pay someone I suggest you use iTalki.com this is an awesome website that offers classes for very cheap.

You can find classes for only 10 euros per hour. They have "qualified teachers" and "tutors."

Qualified teachers are professional teachers. They went to school to become an English teacher. They cost more money.

Tutors are native (or native-like) English speakers, who want to share their language with you. They cost less money.

Depending on what you need these are great options.

My readers can get

on the classes at iTalki.

Get your free class today!

A language exchange is when you offer your native language in Exchange for English.

Imagine your native language is Arabic. And an American wants to learn Arabic.

So you offer 30 mins of Arabic and the American offers 30 mins of English.

You just chat, there's no lesson really.

It's just practicing English!

But the great news? It's free!!!!

You can find language exchanges on lots of places online. Try going to www.reddit.com/r/languageexchange. This website has a lot of offer to practice speaking English in exchange for your native language.

You can also try to find some native English speakers in your local area.

I suggest using www.meetup.com or www.couchsurfing.com these two websites are a great way to find travelers and international people in your city.

Many travelers are looking to meet native people from the cities they're visiting, so it's a great way to connect (ingling dictionary) with native english-speakers.

Look for "Practice English" groups or events on those websites in your city.

#4 Learn English Speaking from a "native-like" speaker

This means someone who is not a native speaker...but it really, really close.

They speak almost perfect English.

Often native-like speakers charge (ingling dictionary) a little less than native speakers.

Plus they might be able to meet more often than native speakers who are traveling in your city.

Plus native-like speakers generally learn how to teach English grammar better than native speakers.

For example in Spain, where I live now...Native speakers don't necessarily have to teach grammar. They more often teach conversation or pronunciation.

So many Spaniards go to school to learn English grammar, and become English grammar teachers. This is an advantage if you like learning grammar.

#5 Learn it from a Course or Program

There are hundreds and hundres of English programs and courses.

Sooooo many.

You can learn from watching YouTube videos for free, or from super expensive programs like Rosetta Stone.

There are a lot of options and they will all probably help with your learning goals.

Of course the absolute best way to learn English conversation is to speak with someone in-person (ingling dictionary).

But a video or a recording is also helpful.

You can learn how to pronounce things correctly and feel confident when talking.

Now in-person conversation is best. Because you have to learn to speak and think in English really fast.

Conversations in real life go fast, and you have to be ready to respond quickly. That's why courses are number five, because they often are only practising with video and not real people.

However they have some benefit, and are useful for learning English speaking.

There are a lot of ways to learn English conversation. So get creative, and please don't forget to set a goal.

If you set a goal, you WILL learn.

Want to learn how to set goals? and finally become fluent? Well you can!!!! In only 90 Days! 

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