Become Fluent in English in 90 Days!


The first step I took off of American land, was at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was 18.

My plan was to backpack Europe, then live in France for 3 months.

I wanted to learn French.

What followed, was my first experience with REALLY learning a language.

It was the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life.

And now...six years later...I am going to teach you the process I used in France, Chile, Spain, and with my English students to really learn a language.

I will teach you how to become fluent in English in 90 days!

How to Become Fluent in English in 90 days!

  • Step One: Define your goals and Make a System.

    • Defining your goals may seem pointless, but it is very important. You need to know what you want from English. Or else, you won't know when you get it. Ex: I want to use English to travel around America in April. Ex 2: I want to be fluent in spoken English in 90 days.
    • Goals are awesome! But they aren’t the only thing you need. Apart from goals, you need to create a SYSTEM. A system is a step-by-step map of how you will meet your goal.
        • I created a system for you! Check it out here!


  • Step Two: Decide WHAT you want to learn.

    • You will need a list of 250 vocabulary words, and 250 Phrases in English. You can make your own list, or use ours. Perhaps you are a chef and you want to learn about food…write down words related to food. Or maybe you are a traveler and you want to learn about travel words and phrases. Or maybe you just want general conversation and household words, then look at our list.
      • The Words can be nouns, adjectives, or verbs…it doesn’t matter. What matters is that YOU will use them in your daily life.


  • Step Three: Post and Say.

    • Now you need to write EVERY word and phrase on a card or a sticky note. You will study 3 words and 3 phrases per day. Easy right? Don’t get too excited because these words and phrases are CUMULATIVE. What does this mean? It means that on day 1 you will study 3 words and 3 phrases, then on day 2 you will study 6 words and 6 phrases.
    • Now you need to post these words and phrases around your house, in your books, agendas, or at work. What does “post” mean? It means to hang something up. For example, you hang the sticky note that says “window” on your “window.” Easy right? Well get started! You can become fluent in 90 days!


  • Step Four: Listening

    • Now that you have your goals in mind, and your words and phrases chosen, you need to start thinking about listening. Your goal will help guide you here. Taking the two examples we have been using in this course so far, food and travel. Say your English goals are about food or cooking. In this case you will look for cooking shows on the internet or TV.
      • The steps to improved listening:
        1. Listen to the show in English to see if you can hear ANY words or phrases that you recognize.
        2. Watch the show in English, with subtitles in your own language. Listen for words or phrases that you recognize.
        3. Watch the show in English, with subtitles in English. Listen for words or phrases that you recognize. Write the words or phrases down. You can substitute these for some of your 250 words or 250 phrases.
    • Next look for your words or phrases in songs, try typing in lyrics search, and the word or phrase you are learning. Find a song that contains that word or phrase, and listen to it.
    • These listening exercises should be done daily if possible. But I know not everyone has so much time. Try to do one of these listening exercises once a week at least.

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