How to Learn English Step-By-Step


Imagine this:

You’re in English class. The teacher calls on you. “Complete this phrasal verb, which means to consume less, cut back ______.” You can’t remember. The vocabulary list is on your kitchen table. The whole class is looking at you. You say, “I don’t know,” and your face turns red.

English is difficult.

Phrasal verbs. Idioms. Prepositions. Verb Tenses. Common Phrases. Conversation. Listening. Speaking….the list goes on. It can be overwhelming. There are thousands of free English resources, but sometimes it seems impossible to REALLY learn English. One offers word of the day. Another offers a new method for learning English. But how can all of this help you? Most English learners have never made a plan. Most of my students don’t have goals, either.

So my question to them is:

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you’ve gotten there? The main problem with having so many resources for English, is that you can get easily distracted. You have to define what it is you really want. Then make that happen! Do you want to use English to travel? Do you want to go to university in English? Making your goal is….that’s right….step 1.

How to Learn English Step by Step

STEP 1. Make a goal

First, define what you want out of English, and how you will know once you have it. For example: I want to learn English related to travel, for my upcoming trip to America in April. This will help you narrow down the sources for learning English. Say someone offers a course in Advanced Grammar. Sounds great, but that’s not for me. Say someone offers a course in small talk on YouTube….okay getting closer.

STEP 2. Figure out what method works for you

Next, not every method works with your goals. Not every method will work for your mind. Do you like learning alone? Do you like learning grammar? Is speaking important for you? Ask yourself these questions, and ones like them and you will become more focused. Want more steps? Sign-Up Below.

Happy Learning!