How to Make English Grammar Easy

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I must sound crazy.

I know...You're saying, "English grammar is the hardest thing in the world! You can't make it easy!"


Well what if I told you there were ways to make it easier?


There is no magic wand.


No quick fix.


But there are some things you can do to make learning English grammar easier.


1. Play games and do quizzes


English grammar is hard. Yes...but what's annoying is it's very boring too! So to make learning English grammar a bit easier I suggest playing games and/or doing quizzes about English grammar.


Do a quick google search for "English Grammar Quizzes" or "English grammar games" and you will find hundreds of them!


Yay internet!!


You can choose the game or the quiz to match a grammar subject.


So if you're learning subject + verb agreement...look for "subject + verb agreement grammar games" on Google.


Making the subject funner, is a great way to help you loosen up and learn faster!


2. Study 1 Topic at a Time


There are many English grammar topics. You will probably have a hard time knowing where to start.


Well, start at a low level...and work to harder things. If you're feeling overwhelmed make sure you're studying only one thing at a time!


Make sure you understand that subject very well before moving on to the next one.



They say start here, then go here, then go here....etc.


3. Get the right books.

These are the three books I always recommend to people learning grammar.


They are good, classic books that will help you in key areas.


This book is not written for English learners only. There is a section on "ESL" or English Second Language learners, but the book is mostly for anyone writting in English. This book was like my bible in University and I still reference it very often in my daily life.

This is another book written mostly for writers, but it will help you write clearly and concisely in English. I find that a lot of people get really excited when they start writing in English. "This is my chance to show how much English I know" and they get REALLY fancy (ingling dictionary). Don't do that! You will make many mistakes this way. Instead get yourself a copy of this book and make sure your writting stays clean!

Yay my absolute favorite book to recommend to English learners. It's like a dictionary for verb conjugations. It has 501 of the most commonly used verbs, and their conjugations! It's pure gold and you need it today!!!


4. Read in English.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn grammar. It's actually a great way to learn speaking as well! Not many people realize how wonderful a tool it is!


Reading will help you start to internalize (ingling dictionary) grammar rules. Meaning you will start to understand grammar, without having to sudy it.


To find a good book check out my post:


How to Read in English, Like a Pro


5. Practice, Practice, Practice...

And practice some more.


The only way you get better is by practicing.


This is true for the guitar, for ice skating, and for learning English grammar.


A great way to keep yourself motivated (ingling dictionary) is by joining an online grammar course. The other students in the class, and the teacher, will help keep you motivated to practice.


Plus! If you spend any amount of money on something, it becomes very valuable to you! So you'll be more likely to practice it.


6. STOP Studying if Something Gets too Confusing


We all sometimes feel overwhelmed (ingling dictionary).


English grammar can make us feel this way often.


So if you're getting fed up (ingling dictionary).


Take a break! Take a breath, and have a glass of water!


English grammar will be there when you get back.


All I want is for you to have a good relationship with English grammar. So if at any point you feel confused, or overwhelmed, just take a breather.


7. Ask for Help

The next step if you're feeling confused about to ask someone for help.


If you are in an online course, like this one...


...then you have a professor to help you with your questions. You can email or message the professor or other students from the class to help you with your question.


If you aren't in an online course, you can ask the internet. There are a lot of online forums for English grammar.


One example is on under the subreddit /r/grammar.


You can post your questions on this forum and people answer you pretty quickly. You can also post sentences you are writing or even paragraphs.


Generally people are very eager to please (ingling dictionary)...Meaning that they want to help you!


So you will get a response very quickly generally!


8. Don't Focus Too Much on Grammar


This might seem like weird advice...I mean isn't this a post about grammar?!?


Well yes it is....but I still think focusing on grammar too much can be harmful.


It depends a lot on WHY you want to learn English.


If you want to learn English to have conversations....then grammar is not so important.


If you want to learn English to write technical manuals for big companies....then grammar is more important.


Most people fall somewhere in that category....and I find...for those people...heavily focusing on grammar is not the best idea.


LIVING English is really the BEST possible way to learn grammar...and you wont have to think of it like "studying."


If you focus on building your conversation skills you will still learn grammar.


Grammar is part of spoken language...and speaking with natives in conversation is a good way to learn grammar with really "learning grammar."



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Alright my dearest English learners....


Happy Learning!