How to Practice English Conversation for Super Cheap


This post may contain affiliate links, we only and always promote items we feel are useful for our audience. 

This post may contain affiliate links, we only and always promote items we feel are useful for our audience.  

What is the number one way to learn a language?


Be around native speakers!


You have some options:


  • You could go to an English-speaking country....but that's expensive and hard to do!


  • You could pass time with native speakers...but those are hard to find in your city....


So how can you practice English conversation, in your area, for super cheap?


Let me introduce you to the five ways that you can practice speaking for super cheap or even free!


The best part is you can do this in your city, or even at home at your computer!


Let's take a look (ingling dictionary):


1. Find English speaking events.


There are a few options here. You could find live events on the internet, or go to events in your city in person.


  • For live events online check out and try search for pratice English speaking.


There are also a lot of live events to practice speaking, and even some events on live.


Look for events online where people can talk to each other in real time. Now maybe you only can respond with a message, but it's a good chance to practice.


You could also host your own live English chat! Try looking in facebook groups for learning English, and hosting your own live English chat.


All you'd need is a camera and a microphone. Which are found in most smart phones.


  • In-person events.


There is also the chance that there are events in your city or town.


Try going to or


These two websites often have events to practice languages.


Try searching for language exchange groups, or English meetups.


However almost any meetup in your city with international people will be in English.


Keep that in mind (ingling dictionary) when you're looking for events. If there are people from all over the world...everyone will end up speaking English!


2. Find a language exchange partner.


There are a lot of people who are interested in learning new languages and sharing their own.


All you have to do is connect with people on the internet or in-person and offer a language Exchange.


A language exchange works like this:


  • You offer your native language for 30mins


  • They offer their native language for 30mins


If you have a native English speaking partner this is a free way to get an English lesson.


However, don't limit yourself to only native English speakers. You can agree to practice in English 100% of the time, with someone who is also learning English.


You can find language partners at iTalki offers paid teachers, but the language partners is a FREE option.


You could also check out


Every day people are offering langauge exchanges! So hop on and see what you can find.


To find people in your city or town you will need to do a Google search.


Search something like "English language exchange in Paris."


or perhaps "Language exchange partners in Paris."


Of course...substitute your own city for "Paris."


3. Practice with YouTube videos


This option is not the best of the options, but it is totally free!


There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that teach English conversation.


Find a good channel and subscribe!


You won't be speaking in real conversation, but you can start learning new phrases for when you do have a speaking partner.


Some good YouTube channels for English are mmmEnglish, and Daily English Conversation.


Tip: Make sure you repeat and memorize the phrases you learn on YouTube. If you repeat the phrases in an imaginary (ingling dictionary) conversation, you will be able to use them in real conversation later on.


This is the best option of all!


You can practice English with a teacher, and they can help you learn correct pronunciation.


This formal conversation or speaking practice is the best way to REALLY learn English conversation.


Plus, it doesn't have to be too expensive.


Hiring a tutor in your area may cost 20 euros per hour.


Most people can only afford one class a week at this price, so it isn't really worth it.

My readers also get a free class, when they sign up for their first class with iTalki. 

Speaking with a tutor is also great for fixing mistakes in your spoken English. A lot of times we can learn things on the internet that aren't necessarily true.


An English tutor can help you fix those mistakes.


If you prefer face-to-face you can find an English tutor in your area also. Remember that a teacher in your city or town may cost more than someone on iTalki. This is because the tutor spends time going to and from your house, and they often calculate this into their price.


5. Meet with some native speakers in your area.


Apart from English speaking events in your area, you can also find native speakers in your area to spend time with.


This is probably the most difficult of the options, unless you live in an English-speaking country.


But there are ways to find native speakers in your area.


First I would suggest looking on


People are constantly posting on this website that they are travelling in a city.


They'll say something like,


"Hey I'm visiting Berlin this weekend, if someone wants to hang out!"


You can offer to show the person or group around your city, and in exchange practice your English with them.


You can also check on Facebook groups for your city.


Try searching,


"Americans in Cairo"




"Brits living in Rio de Jainero"


Something like that. Often you will see a facebook group, and maybe even some events in your city.


Try going to these events and meeting native English speakers and making friends.


This is a great and free way to practice English conversation...but it does require a bit of hard work and luck.

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