How to Speak English like an American


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Do you want to improve your accent, and speak like an American?

No it’s not too late to learn to speak like a native. If you’re 27, 56, or even 82 you can still improve your accent, and pronunciation. You can learn new things.

Are you afraid to speak in public?

First, many of my students want to learn, but are afraid of sounding silly.

They know they have strong accents.

It embarrasses them!

What if they don’t understand me?

What if they laugh at me?

Here’s a tip: It’s OK to laugh when you’re learning a language!

The more you laugh at yourself, the more you free yourself.

If you’re feeling free, language comes more easily.

(That’s why English teachers often suggest a beer, to “loosen the tongue.”)

Do you want to speak like an American?

Over the years, I have found many tricks for improving fluency.

English is special.

We have a very difficult set of phonetic sounds.

We link our words together.

And we even have silent letters, and emphases, and connectivity in spoken English.

All of this together means A LOT of difficulty learning to speak correctly.

Take a look at this FREE guide to improving your accent in English!

After that, try this awesome course. This great teacher, Sheri Summers, is very experienced and offers just the kind of course that can make a difference in your accent. Her students have awesome accents now! It is great to hear all of the progress people are making in English, world-wide.

Happy Learning!