The 4 Best Programs for Learning English


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When I arrived to Chile, I didn’t speak a word of Spanish.

My host mother spoke no English.

I quickly realized that to make it in this country, I would have to learn Spanish.

So there I was facing the decision of how to quickly, and easily learn Spanish.

In my moment of desperation, I signed up for every possible course, free and paid.

I tried different methods and signed up for conversation groups.

After ten months, I was fluent.

Thanks mostly to living in the country, but also to some awesome programs!

These programs are also available for English learners.

So take a look at the best programs to learn English!

  1. Rosetta Stone

In my opinion Rosetta Stone is perhaps the best possible program. This is thanks largely to the multi-media approach they take to their teaching. You have pictures, audio files, pronunciation tools, and spelling and reading tools. They have a very organic approach to their program. Starting with very basic human things like “eat” and “woman” and graduating to full sentences like “the boy pushed the bicycle up the hill.” Their method includes a lot of repetition, which has amazing results. Only problem is the price tag! If you have a limited budget I’d steer clear of Rosetta Stone and explore some more budget-friendly options. Rosetta stone has a free app option, with limited material. The program itself can cost $120 or more (only 99$ with my link Learn English: Rosetta Stone English (American) - Level 1).

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  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is very similar to Rosetta Stone. In a lot of ways, the program is exactly the same. They also start with a very human-centric approach and offer a multi-media experience. However, there are some differences. The Duolingo audio files, in my opinion, are not as natural sounding as those from Rosetta Stone. Furthermore, Duolingo is an application, whereas Rosetta Stone is a computer program. Duolingo offers reminders to prompt you to practice every day, and a level test. Duolingo is not as professional-looking as Rosetta Stone, butm, if your budget is low, then this is the best option.

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  1. ABA (American & British Academy)

This is both a website and an application. Their approach is a bit more traditional, but offers videos and audio files made specifically for this program. I learned about this program through my English students, and I find it to be really great quality. For this program you have both free and paid options at 12$ per month. This option, in my opinion, is not as good as the first two. This is mainly because I prefer the more humanistic approach that Rosetta Stone, and Duolingo take. However, with the multi-media approach available in ABA, it is hard to deny that it has value!

  1. Memrise

Memrise is another free app, it’s main method is just teaching words. If you are looking to expand your vocabulary, you can do that with this app. However, it is not designed to really teach English like the previous were.

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What do you like the best? Have you tried any of these programs?

Leave your “two cents” in the comments below!

Happy Learning!