4 Most Important Verbs in English


4 Most Important Verbs in English

Do you know the most essential verbs of English??

Actually, these four verbs are the most important verbs of any language.

Together they cover the most basic and essential aspects of life.

If you learn these verbs half your stuggle is over! No, not really. But it is a GREAT place to start.

Each verb is conjugated below in Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, and Past Continuous.

For a handy verb chart click here!

Now let's go!

The Four Most Important Verbs in English

To Have

Present Simple

I Have We Have
You Have They Have
He/She Has

Ex: I have a blue car.

Present Continuous

I Am Having We Are Having
You Are Having They Are Having
He/She Is Having

Ex: I am having a good day.

Past Simple

I Had We Had
You Had They Had
He/She Had

Ex: I had a baby boy.

Future Simple

I Will Have We Will Have
You Will Have They Will Have
He/She Will Have

Ex: I will have a beautiful house one day.

To Be

Present Simple

I Am We Are
You Are They Are
He/She Is

Ex: I am a girl.

Present Continuous

I Am Being We Are Being
You Are Being They Are Being
He/She Is Being

Ex: You are being silly.

Past Simple

I Was We Were
You Were They Were
He/She Was

Ex: We were in love once.

Future Simple

I Will Be We Will Be
You Will Be They Will Be
He/She Will Be

Ex: She will be 10 next Wednesday.

To Do

Present Simple

I Do We Do
You Do They Do
He/She Does

Ex: They do like to run.

Present Continuous

I Am Doing We Are Doing
You Are Doing They Are Doing
He/She Is Doing

Ex: You are doing your best with the project.

Past Simple

I Did We Did
You Did They Did
He/She Did

Ex: He did take out the trash.

Future Simple

I Will Do We Will Do
You Will Do They Will Do
He/She Will Do

Ex: We will do the dishes when we get home.

To Go

Present Simple

I Go We Go
You Go They Go
He/She Goes

Ex: He goes to the store every Saturday.

Present Continuous

I Am Going We Are Going
You Are Going They Are Going
He/She Is Going

Ex: I am going to the regional semifinals for golf this year.

Past Simple

I Went We Went
You Went They Went
He/She Went

Ex: They went to Chicago last winter.

Future Simple

I Will Go We Will Go
You Will Go They Will Go
He/She Will Go

Ex: I will go to China in the Spring.

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