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Do you want to practice English fluency, but don't know where?



Is is hard to find speaking partners? Expensive to hire English teachers?



Imagine having a speaking partner, a teacher, and a study plan.....all ready for you!


Section 1: Introduction & Bonuses

  • Welcome Video
  • How to Prepare for the Course
  • How to Join the Facebook Group
  • How to Download the Workbook
  • How to Download the "Food" eBook
  • How to Download the "12 English Verbs Chart"

Section 2: Friday

  • Welcome to Friday Video!
  • Conversation Video #1
    • Learn how to make introductions in REAL American English.
  • Conversations #2 & #3
    • Ask about how the person has been doing, and what they have been doing. 
  • 10 IDIOMS video
    • Examples include: "What it all comes down to" "Head over heels" and "deep down."
  • Conversation Practice
  • Goodbye Video
  • 18:00 CEST Simone will be LIVE in the Facebook group, to answer your questions, and to practice with you!

Section 3: Saturday

  • Welcome to Saturday Video!
  • Conversations #4 & #5
  • Talk about your job, your school, and your life.
  • Conversations #6 & #7
    • Talk about your life, what you have been doing, and your hobbies.
  • Conversation Practice
    • Examples include: "To run into" "I’m off to" and "Out of the blue."
  • Practice Speaking Again
  • Goodbye Video
  • 18:00 CEST Simone will be LIVE in the Facebook group, to answer your questions, and to practice with you!

Section 4: Sunday

  • Welcome to Sunday!
  • Conversations #8 and #9
    • "Gonna be" Describing People
  • Conversation #10
    • Common American English expresions in conversation!
  • Sing a song in English!!!!
  • Practice Speaking: Make a Video About YOU!
  • Goodbye Video
  • 18:00 CEST Simone will be LIVE in the Facebook group, to answer your questions, and to practice with you!

awesome bonuses

Guess what?! You also get all this cool stuff for FREE...just for signing up!


Food eBook

10 pages to learn about things like:

  • how to order a coffee
  • vocab about American diners
  • Sweets! 
  • and much more!



The 12 Verb Tenses of English

Learn about the most important verb tenses in English, and how they work!


Facebook Chat Group to Practice!

Join the exclusive Facebook group for people in this course. 


The workbook

The 5-page homework workbook to practice what you learn in the videos


+ I'll set you up with a speaking partner in the course

+3 LIVE English speaking practice classes with Simone!

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Get 22 video classes, with 10 conversations, 20 idioms and phrasal verbs, 5 homework pages, 3 live classes, and 1 speaking partner!!!

1 weekend =

22 videos, 3 live classes,

1 speaking partner, and 5 homework pages!


Don't miss out! The doors close in...


Clara loved Epic English Weekend: 

"This course is wonderful! It helped me to start speaking English again. I learned a lot of new phraes and had a great time in the live classes! Thank you teacher Simone!"

- Clara Aldamiz

The normal price of this course is 29$ but you could get it for FREE!

Find out how! 



Start learning english now!

the doors close in...


Refund Policy:

Check out the course if you don't like it you have until Friday at 18:00 CEST to return the course! This is our money-back guarantee!

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What happens when I buy?

  1. You will receive a welcome e-mail from Simone, with the link and the password to enter into the course site.
  2. You can follow the link to the course site, enter the password, and have INSTANT access to the course.
  3. The course website will give you all of the instructions to download all the bonuses, and to sign up for classes etc.
  4. If you chose to have the private classes, then you will receive a separate e-mail with those instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ When does it start?

The class starts on next Friday the 12th of May, 2017.

+ What level is the course?

The course is for beginners or intermediate students, but may include vocabulary and common American expressions that serve all levels!

+ Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can ask for a refund of your money up until the first live class. This is on May 12, at 18:00 CEST. After this time refunds will no longer be issued. You must include a valid reason for the refund, and all refunds are held at the discretion of Ingling.es.

+ What bonuses do I get?

You get a free ebook about food in English, you get a speaking partner, you get lifetime access to the course, you get the "12 verb tenses in English" poster, you get access to the Facebook community, and you get 3 live classes with Simone.

+ What if I can't this weekend?

The good news is that you can have this course...FOREVER! Once you purchase even the live classes will have a free playback option! So you can always do this another weekend when you have more time!

+ What are idioms?

Idioms are commonly used expressions in English.