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160 travel english phrases

Learn phrases for: the airport, taking public transport, entering a country, ordering food, and checking into a hotel. Yours for FREE, just enter your email in the box below. 

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learn to speak english in 3 months

This is a totally free e-mail course that teaches you how to become fluent in conversational English in only 90 days! You can do it, and I will help you step-by-step along the way. To get the free course enter your e-mail below.

Become Fluent in English in 90 Days

Get my FREE e-mail course on how to become fluent in English in 90 days!

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Speak like an american

Does speaking english in public scare you? Imagine talking to a room full of native speakers...and they understand you! This free mini course takes you step-by-step through the process of improving your accent. Learn to "speak english like a native" with simone!

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Speak Like a Native


Learn to speak like an English native! Get your free guide by entering your name and email.

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learn about food in English

Learn about coffee, sweets, American diners, and a lot more! Learn new phrases and expressions, and a lot of new vocabulary! 

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Learn about food in English: American diners, sweets, and how to order a steak! A 10-page intermediate introduction to food for FREE!

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learn about halloween and thanksgiving

Learn about the traditions in American around Halloween and Thanksgiving! Lots of new expressions, and phrases, plus a LOT of new vocabulary. Just enter your e-mail below. 

Learn about Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Learn new phrases and expressions, learn new vocabulary, and of course about the traditions of these two American holidays.

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